3 Things I Learned From the Worst Period Ever

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the worst period ever. All one has to do is peruse the¬†adenomyosis subreddit to find accounts of far worse periods than this. Still, it was certainly the worst one I ever had.

It was my September 2020 cycle. Crazy heavy, roughly double the normal length (9 days instead of ~5), and I passed some stuff that I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever seen in horror movies. Ewwwwww… And the pain hit a new high. Instead of my usual day or so of pelvic pain, I spend days in bed lying on a heating pad and writhing.

As crazy as it may sound, I am grateful for this mutant menstruation. It taught me some things.

My pelvic pain is probably not my uterus.

After being in that much pain for that long, I started getting desperate. (If you have this pain you know that so little actually helps it.) So I started digging for something, anything that might help. Long story short, I haven’t found the magic pill yet, but I did find some sources that indicate that, rather than originating from my uterus like I’d always assumed, my pelvic pain probably comes from my pelvic floor muscles or my psoas muscle, which is a huge hip flexor. This opens up a world of new possibilities for potential treatments: yoga, physical therapy, etc. You know, things that aren’t hysterectomies. More about pelvic pain to come…

Berberine is a hell of a drug.

Berberine is seriously powerful, y’all.

What is berberine? It’s a type of plant extract. For my intents and purposes, it’s a treatment that encourages apoptosis (cell death) in diseased adenomyosis tissues.

When I realized that this particular period was going horribly, horribly wrong, I asked myself what had changed. Of course. I’m always screwing around with one supplement or another. That cycle was the first one where I took berberine and Slow Flow at the same time, but I really didn’t think that was the issue. I had taken each separately, and both seemed to minimize period-related problems. Slow Flow took my period down to 3 days. Woo! The next cycle after that, berberine took my post-period sludge down to practically nothing. And my period was only 4 days that month even though I decided to skip Slow Flow so I could properly assess the effects of berberine.

So, what went wrong with the mutant period from hell? Well… I got greedy. You see, I really wanted that sludging GONE. I get so tired of spending about an extra week every month cramping and wearing pads after my period is actually over. Instead of sticking with 250mg of berberine twice a day, I jacked it up to 1,500mg a day.

I know better. I really do. I promise.

I’m still taking the 1,500mg berberine just to use it up, but I’m only taking it 3 days a week now. After that, I’m going back to the 500mg a day pills.

I want to help.

I realized I have a dream. I actually have a PASSION. I didn’t think I did. Seriously.

I want more than anything in the entire world to have millions and billions of dollars. I want to be filthy rich! So I can give it away to fund medical research. Nothing makes me more furious and frustrated with living on this planet than knowing that diseases like adenomyosis and endometriosis get pathetic amounts of funding. Because they affect people with uteri. We deserve better. Much better.

I don’t have millions and billions of dollars to give away to universities with the demand that they use it to study uterine diseases. But I do have this blog. I’m not exactly sure where I think this will go, but that’s okay. I’m sure I will figure it out.


I’ve had a period since that one. It was almost normal. Just a bit on the heavy side. And I’m back to heavy sludging.

I decided that taking Slow Flow whenever it was in my cycle that I took it before was a better idea than taking it during my period. When I went back and got the delivery date of the first bottle, I discovered it was on cycle day 11. So during my follicular phase. Makes sense.

I started taking it on cycle day 10 and then ran out a few days later. That was a couple of days ago. I’ve ordered an extra bottle in addition to the subscription I get every month, and that should be in the mail, so I’ll resume taking it as soon as I get my hands on it. In the mean time, I don’t know what the effect will be of missing those 2 days.

I’m still taking the 1,500mg berberine 3 days a week. I’ve got more of the 250mg twice per day berberine and quercine combo supplement I started with on order.

As for the pelvic pain, that was also not half as bad as last cycle, but it was still more than I normally have. I injured my wrist about a week ago and then re-injured it a couple of days ago, so I’m not doing any sort of exercise, including yoga. I anticipate a hard time again.

Next period will be my first full period with my new Super Jennie cup. I hope to put up a post soon all about that.

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