The United States Has Hit a Milestone

I’m going to stray from periods and adenomyosis just a bit.

My country, the United States, has finally elected a woman as vice president. Yes, she’s also the first African American, Indian American, and mixed race person in the post. I think those things are super important. However, it’s the fact she’s a woman that really makes me stand up and cheer.

After over 200 years of being a nation, it’s long past time we had a woman in the White House who wasn’t just there to sleep with the president.

This is a huge step forward for a nation that has had an alarming amount of gender inequality despite being a first world country and a world leader. To ever be taken seriously as human beings, we do need that representation in the upper echelons of government. We need the respect that comes along with that. When people are respected, the diseases from which they suffer are taken seriously and studied. And we no longer have only old white men making decisions for us.

Congratulations, Kamala Harris. Congratulations, United States of America.

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