Do We Really Not Know What Causes PMS?

I would argue we do know what causes PMS.

I came across this study recently by Oxford University. The researchers noted that the women who had the highest serum estradiol and LH (which turned out to be closely correlated) during their luteal phases had the most severe PMS symptoms. Then they injected the women with more estradiol and were able to make PMS symptoms worse!

Luteal-Phase Estradiol Relates to Symptom Severity in Patients with Premenstrual Syndrome

Personally, I’ve found that the supplements I take to knock down my estradiol levels make a huge difference. Some months I have no PMS. When I do, it’s a far cry from the boob pain, fevers, crushing fatigue, and face-stuffing that I used to experience.

So there you have it. High estrogen in your luteal phase when progesterone is supposed to be dominating. Now, why are women told PMS isn’t real, isn’t worth studying, isn’t fixable?

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